Benefit from our organic experience

The food industry agrees that organic is booming. Organic baked goods offer real future opportunities for artisan bakers. The key here is to find the right concept and make the switch in a sensible way. As a 100% organic mill with many years of industry expertise, we offer EU organic quality and association quality, depending on what you need for your baked goods range. We support organic newcomers with competent conversion and product range advice as well as sales staff training and seminars.

Conversion consulting

We analyze your product range and work with you to develop a proposal for your individual range of organic baked goods. Together with experienced bakery consultants, we support you in recipe conversion, offer individual recipe suggestions and give you valuable tips and recommendations for processing organic flours. Our in-house test bakery guarantees practical relevance and allows for the highest level of expertise in process and baking technology issues. (We are also happy to assist you with the procurement of organic ingredients or special organic products from outside the company). With us, you are guaranteed a successful entry into organic production. Find out more in a non-binding consultation. You can find our contacts here.

Seminars and sales staff training

Baking with organic ingredients brings with it various challenges. In our practical seminars on topics such as ancient grains or smoked flours, we show characteristic dough preparation methods and what to look out for in recipes. When you start marketing organic baked goods, trained employees are an important prerequisite for your success. From our more than 40 years of experience with organic products, we know that organically oriented customers usually have an above-average need for information. Here, sufficient specialist knowledge about the product itself is essential. In an interactive seminar, we train your employees with practical tips that are easy to implement in the daily customer approach in the bakery. Upcoming dates can be found on the homepage or under our workshops.