Biosafety to the power of three

Biosecurity - supply security - processing security

This is the triad when it comes to Meyermühle. In our organic mill in Landshut, 30,000 tons of organic grain are processed into high-quality organic flours every year. The particular challenge is to produce high-quality organic flours in absolutely reliable and consistent organic quality - while at the same time ensuring high availability.

Biosafety at a glance

  • Grain silo with 48 individual silos optimally controls the end product quality
  • Production facilities adapted for sensitive, gentle processing of organic grain
  • End product silo with state-of-the-art technology for optimum storage and processing of organic flours
  • End product silo equipped with computer-controlled component mixing system for the production of customized flours
  • Computer-controlled loading
  • No use of chemicals to improve the flour
  • Optimum hygiene of our products through impact and sieving before loading
  • Thermal pest control - no use of poison

Security of supply

When it comes to flour as a key raw material for baked goods, security of supply is particularly important in the organic sector. Only then - in combination with the highest and most consistent quality possible - can you reliably adjust your recipes. We achieve security of supply through long-term cooperation with our partners and act as an intermediary between processors and producers. Thanks to our close cooperation with the regional marketing organizations of the Naturland and Bioland associations and our collaboration with Biokreis farmers, we have been able to guarantee maximum security of supply for several decades.

Processing safety

With innovative milling technology, extensive raw material analyses and quality controls, we ensure processing reliability and consistent organic flour quality. The grain is only actively released for milling once all the requirement criteria of the analyses have been met. Our experienced millers control the organic flour quality by precisely mixing the different grain batches. Individual flours can also be produced at the customer's request. Before delivery to the customer, the flour samples are analyzed in our in-house laboratory and examined for dough rheology.